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Why are you called Nuts Organic Skincare?

We began solely retailing argan oil. Argan oil is a derivative from a fruit which is native to Morocco. After the fruit is peeled the nut inside is carefully removed and broken open to access the kernels. This allows argan oil to be extracted. With argan oil commonly being referred to as a nut oil (and the fact that we also include other Moroccan nut oils (such as almond) in our skincare line), we thought Nuts Organic Skincare was appropriate.  Although we now retail a range of skincare products, argan oil is still an active ingredient in our products and so we kept our tried and trusted name.

Are your products certified organic?

We use organic and natural plant ingredients in all our products. However, there is not a certifying body (that we know of) that meets our standards of organic as such bodies leave an element of  ‘wiggle room’ for undesirable processing standards and irresponsible and unsustainable farming methods. We therefore find the idea of paying such bodies to use their symbol (at an annual cost which would need to be reflected in our prices) unappealing. Many of our Moroccan ingredients are, in fact, certified organic at source (mainly through Ecocert) and most importantly, ALL Moroccan argan oil is farmed organically!

You have SPF25 in your moisturisers so can I use this instead of sun lotion?

A moisturiser is designed purely to combat ageing and to promote a healthy complexion and should not be used as sun protection from UVB rays. Any SPF in a moisturising cream is purely added as an ageing protector against the natural UVA rays coming from natural daylight.

What do you mean by chemical free?

Most natural substances, water excluded, can be chemically synthesised. This does not mean that the ingredients we use cannot themselves be defined as chemicals as they can, but a good example of this is the scary sounding ‘tocopherol’ which is actually Vitamin E! Not every chemical is bad for us, we just believe in limiting our exposure to chemicals which, over a period of time, could do us more harm than good! We simply do not believe that the ingredients used in many branded skincare products are safe for prolonged use or indeed necessary! Nature rewards us greatly and as such we use as many natural products as possible. We use one preservative (to inhibit the growth of mould and bacteria), phenoxyethanol, which is approved by the Soil Association. No preservative is used or needed in our pure argan oil range.

Do you use preservatives?

All products that contain water require a preservative system. Without one your skincare product would last only a matter of days, would need to be stored in a fridge and could become loaded with bacteria, mould and fungus. A product with a preservative-free claim is either potentially harmful or blatantly mislabelled!  A natural effective preservative system does not exist and products claiming to use such preservatives should be avoided. (Our argan oil range does not contain a preservative system as the oil is pure (contains no water) and bottled immediately after extraction.) We use phenoxyethanol at less than 1% which gives the lowest possible level of preservation without compromising on product standards. The Soil Association allows the use of phenoxyethanol as a preservative.

Why do your products contain argan oil?

Simply because we believe it is the most amazing oil known to man! It has anti-ageing properties, helps combat skin conditions such as eczema & psoriasis, is suitable for all skin types – the benefits are endless! All our argan oil is produced in our family-owned cooperative in Agadir, Morocco and every batch can be traced back to source. Argan oil has been used for millennia!

Is argan oil suitable for all skin types?

Argan oil balances the skin’s natural sebum levels making it ideal for all skin types, oily, combination and dry.

Is argan oil safe to use during pregnancy?

Argan oil is perfectly safe to use in pregnancy. In fact, we recommend using it as early as possible to reap maximum benefits – to help prevent stretch-marks, massage argan oil into your growing bump at least twice a day.  We do not, however, recommend using essential oils during pregnancy without speaking to a doctor first.

I’ve heard that goats eat the argan fruit and the oil is made from goat poo?

While it is claimed that argan fruit must be processed by being passed through the gut of a goat this is not actually true. In fact, although this process makes the nut shell easier to crack it is highly detrimental to the quality of the seeds and subsequent oil produced. The seeds that have passed through goats have a very strong odour and the presence of the goat’s gastric juices greatly reduces the nutrients thereby reducing the expiry date of the oil.  Our family-owned co-operative in Agadir only uses whole fruit that are completely untouched by any goats!

What is your animal testing policy?

We have always been against animal testing! Absolutely none of our products, or raw ingredients that make our products, have been tested on animals. In 2013 the EU Cosmetics Regulation made animal testing for cosmetics illegal (within the UK and the European Union). This covers both the testing of each raw ingredient and the finished product.  We are registered as ‘cruelty free’ and ‘vegan’ with PETA.

Are your products suitable for vegetarians/vegans?

Absolutely! Every single product is suitable for vegetarians/ vegans. Further, none of our products or any ingredient in our products, have ever (or will ever) be tested on animals. At present we have chosen not to register with the Vegan Society as their yearly costs are high and this extra cost would have to be reflected in our prices. However, rest assured, PETA have conducted all the necessary checks on us to ensure we are 100% vegan.

How long will my order take?

We always try to turn an order round within 48 hours. All orders are sent either by Royal Mail or courier depending on the weight. If an order is sent by courier we will always contact you with delivery details and to alert you if your shipment will need signing for.

How much is postage?

We charge a flat rate for the UK of £2.99 – whatever the weight of the order.  If you live in Europe we charge £5.75 for the first item and £1.99 per item thereafter and for the rest of the world we charge £7.95 for the first item and £2.49 per item thereafter.

How do I track my order?   

When you have placed an order online you get a payment confirmation email so you know that we have received your order.  We will then email you personally attaching an invoice. Why do we do this? It helps us to build a relationship with you (and we have been known to slip some freebies into packages)!

What if I don’t live in the UK?

No problem! We ship worldwide. We charge flat rate postage prices so you do not need to change the shipping costs to reflect your location.