Moroccan olive black soap

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Moroccan olive black soap (also known as Beldi) is based on the centuries’ old hamman (spa) treatment traditionally used by the Moroccan women as a way to indulge and clean their skin.  Black soap is a 100% natural and organic plant product rich in Vitamin E used to regenerate skin, remove dead skin cells, reduce dryness/flakiness, improve skin texture, clean, exfoliate and eradicate toxins.

Although suitable for all skin types, black soap has antibacterial and dermatological properties and is wonderful for helping eczema, psoriasis, skin inflammation and clogged pores.

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Recommended product: Exfoliating glove.

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  • Potassium olivate, olea europea fruit, aqua, glycerine, 220g



  • Black soap has a texture of butter but does not foam like a traditional soap. Traditionally it is used to prepare the skin for deep exfoliation with a kessa glove. After soaking your skin in a hot bath or shower, take a small pinch of soap in your fingers and apply directly onto a warm and wet body using your hands, washcloth or loofah. Massage into skin for up to ten minutes (so that the soap may assist in unclogging your skin’s pores and start the cleansing process) and rinse off thoroughly using clean warm water. Exfoliation with the kessa glove can now begin. Do not apply black soap to damaged skin and avoid area around eyes