Moroccan home hammam gift set, argan & rose

£ 29.99

This 100% natural and organic Moroccan home hammam gift set has been inspired by the traditional Moroccan hammam ritual, a practice which has spanned thousands of years.

Comprising of black soap, ghassoul clay, argan oil and a kessa glove, all the quintessential products needed to recreate an authentic hammam experience, you can detox, moisturise, exfoliate and relax your face & body.

This set comes in a beautifully stamped gift bag.

This product is sent with an at home hammam instruction flyer.

Read about the Moroccan hammam here.

Read our tips and tricks page here.

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    This set comprises of:

  •  Black soap with argan (potassium olivate, olea europaea fruit, potassium arganate, glycerine, aqua), 220g
  •  Argan oil (100% pure, organic argan oil), 50ml
  •  Ghassoul clay with rose (pure, organic ghassoul clay, rose petal powder), 200g
  •  Kessa glove (single)




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