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PETA Approved Skin Care Products

Are you someone who wants to gift their skin quality care? Or are you someone who has sensitive skin and requires a remedy to protect it? Here at Nuts Organic, we are a new and expanding skincare company, providing premium natural and organic skincare products. Our selection of skincare items are affordable and highly effective. With the use of the best Argan Oil in the UK, we have raised the bar with our exclusive natural skin products.

Our PETA Approved Skin Care Products are widely known for their effectiveness and friendliness towards animals. As a company that is listed as a PETA Approved Vegan company, you can trust that our selection of products are not used on animals to test them. Our work has been honest, transparent and friendly, and it will remain that way for our continued progression with new skin products.

How to use Argan Oil
Argan Oil can be used for your face, hands, feet, body and even your hair. Our Argan Oil can be used at night as an intensive moisturiser and even in the morning as a base for your make-up. It possesses rich anti-ageing properties, therefore being ideal for reducing wrinkle lines on the face. It also contains high vitamin E, fatty acids and antioxidants which all help prevent skin conditions, including acne.

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