A Moroccan Hammam Experience 2018-04-25T20:02:35+00:00


A hot, wet steamy body is essential in the Moroccan hammam experience. Heat allows the pores to open and get deep cleansed. At home, this can be achieved by having a long hot shower or bath.


Apply a thin layer of black soap to the body. Traditionally black soap is applied using hands; however in more modern hammams shower puffs/flannels are often used.

Traditionally the body would remain in a steamy environment for a further 10 minutes (soap still on).

Thoroughly rinse off the black soap.


Wet the exfoliating glove. Starting with the legs, work up the body; working on one area at a time. For areas that are not sensitive (outer thigh etc) stroke the glove up and down the area using relative pressure. For more sensitive areas (such as the inner thigh) work in a soft circular motion.

Re-wet the glove every few strokes using hot water. This helps to remove the build-up of dead skin that will form on the glove. Wetting the glove also allows the glove to soften. As the glove dries it hardens causing a harsher exfoliation.

On areas of harder skin (elbows, knees etc) work the glove slightly harder.

Rinse the body.


Mix ghassoul clay with hot water to form a runny paste (traditionally rose water is used) and apply a thin layer over the body. Leave for 5- 10 minutes (preferably while still steaming the body).

Traditionally the feet would now be worked on using a pumice stone or exfoliating glove to treat any areas of hard skin.

Rinse the clay off thoroughly with cooler water. Using cooler water helps the pores to close in preparation for oil to be applied.


Pat dry the skin, leaving it slightly damp. Apply argan oil to moisturise the body.

The hammam experience is now complete.