Moroccan rose; an essential ingredient

Moroccan rose

Most of my adulthood, I have associated the smell of rose with Morocco. Having both lived there and travelled around the country since I was 19 years young, the smell of rose invokes a feeling of home.

After cooking a hearty meal my Moroccan mother-in-law nearly always sets a rose scented incense stick to burn before even tidying dishes away. Before relaxing to an afternoon nap, out comes the rose water to freshen her skin and on goes a very heavily scented hand cream.

Rose is an ingredient which features in many of my products. It has an amazing ability to soothe and re-balance dry and sensitive skin, tackles irritated, red and micro-damaged skin by nourishing cells and flooding them with moisture, boosts feelings of femininity and warms the heart.

As a true rose lover, it is essential that the rose used in my products is sourced from only the finest organic farms and steam distilled to separate the oil from the hydrosol (floral water).

The water used to distil our Moroccan rose water flows from the Atlas Mountains to the Dades Gorge (a series of rugged wadi gorges carved out by the Dadès River in the South West of Morocco), infusing this water with its mineral rich content.


The extraction of organic rose requires time, care, and special expertise. Rose Maroc (essential oil) and rose water (floral hydrosol) are produced from fresh petals, picked before dawn by Berber women and steam distilled the same day to separate the oil from the water. Rose products are very expensive ingredients to produce. It takes an incredible amount of care to grow and process the delicate petals. Approximately 2.5 tonnes of fresh petals yield around 450 grams of oil.

My organic rose water is produced via steam distillation. In traditional distillation, fresh petals are packed into a still, steam rises through the petals encouraging their cells to burst open to release plant compounds. When the steam cools and turns back to liquid, the water is enriched with these compounds, which include microscopic particles of rose oil. Rose Maroc essential oil is lighter than the floral water and therefore floats on top of the water, ready for collection.

Roses may take centre stage each Valentine’s day, but their benefits go far beyond a floral aroma. When winter dawns and the nights are longer, the scent of rose reminds me of hot sunny Moroccan days and makes the drabness of winter a bit easier to bear.

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