Natural face-lift treatments: NEWLY ADDED

With our new natural face-lift treatments, we have slightly veered away from the traditional Moroccan hammam.

In the 1960’s, Morocco became a country to visit to express a persons ‘inner hippy’. This hippy tradition still lives on in many Moroccan towns such as Essauouira, where yearly festivals and small communities of ‘alternative dwellers’ to this day promote the town’s history of hippies, peace and love. Keeping this in mind, and still using our Nuts Organic Skincare’s range of Moroccan-inspired anti-ageing products (specifically our prickly pear oil (perfect for mature skin), our Time Response mask and Moisturiser), these treatments are more ‘alternative’ than our existing treatment range.

Our natural face-lift treatments concentrate on massaging facial marma points. Marma points are sites where flesh, veins, arteries, tendons, bones and joints meet up. It is believed (and we have witnessed) that massaging these energy pathways helps tone facial muscles which in turn reduces the appearance of fine lines.

Literally translated, marma means ‘a point that can kill’ and so it is believed that marma points are points of vital life force. They are the energy points in the body used for healing. Marma massage originated in Ayurveda, the traditional Indian system of medicine. Ayurvedic means ‘science of life’.

In Chinese medicine, these same points are referred to as acupuncture or acupressure points. In both Chinese medicine and Ayurveda it is believed that energy ‘prana’ or ‘chi’ can stagnate in these points. Both the Ayurveda and Chinese systems work on healing practices, focusing primarily on freeing this energy. When worked on they stimulate the removal of lymph and enhance the efficiency of the body’s organs. Although the focus of a marma massage is primarily to manipulate subtle energy, physically a marma massage is very effective for relieving stiff muscles and boosting circulation, toning facial muscles (thereby reducing the appearance of fine lines giving an anti-ageing effect), reducing stress, eliminating waste and improving lymphatic drainage.

There are said to be 107 marma points on the body, with around 37 Marmas found above the clavicle. Each point serves a different purpose with its own name and specific way of massaging it. Marma points are connected to the body’s chakras. The body has 7 chakras in a centred line through the body from the top of the head downwards.

Although serving a purpose, a natural face-lift treatment / marma massage isn’t the most relaxing treatment as it involves a fair amount of poking and prodding. Therefore, we have included it in a full facial treatment, with the relaxation coming in the form of cleansing, toning, mask, arm & hand massage and moisturising stages.

Marma points of the face:

  1. Hollow under the chin
  2. Centre of the chin
  3. The corners of the mouth
  4. Between nose and upper lip
  5. The outer corners of the nose
  6. Centre of cheekbones
  7. Lower lids, just above the cheekbones
  8. Junction between eyebrows and nose, on the lower part of the eyebrow ridge
  9. Temples
  10. Third eye (6th chakra)
  11. Crown of the head

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