Body and face steaming: benefits

Body and face steaming is an integral part of the Moroccan hammam ritual. Steaming is used before cleansing the skin to open the pores to aid cleansing and exfoliating. Steaming allows deep penetration of the massage medium used which in turn helps keep skin moisturised.

  • Deep Cleanses Skin

Steam naturally cleanses skin. The heat given through steam opens the pores allowing dirt and bacteria to be easily removed when followed by a cleansing soap and scrub. Further, steam allows easy removal of dead skin cells.

  • Removes Toxins

Toxins are bad for the skin. Steam allows sweat and when the body sweats toxins are released.

  • Fights Ageing

Regular steaming helps improve blood circulation. Steaming triggers a thermo-regulating response which causes blood vessels to dilate. This promotes new blood flow throughout the skin cells. As a result an increase in nutrients and oxygen from that blood flow is delivered to skin, allowing skin to appear rosy and glowing and helping minimise the slow formation of wrinkles.

As skin ages it produces new skin cells at a decreased rate which leads to dull and discoloured skin. Regular steaming helps stimulate the skin, helps soften the layer of dead skin ready for easy removal and helps improve blood circulation encouraging faster skin cell turnover.

  • Prevents Dry Skin

Heat and moisture from the steam helps make skin more absorbent. Steam enables nourishing and hydrating skin care products to penetrate more deeply, helping in the fight against dry patches.

  • Helps Prevent Face & Body Acne

Steaming can help acne breakouts. The main contributor to acne is clogged pores which get irritated and in some cases infected. Steaming helps open the pores helping to break away any hard sebum stuck in the pore and release any dirt and bacteria build up.

  • Removes Whiteheads/Blackheads

Skin produces natural oil called sebum, which lubricates & protects the skin. When the sebum gets stuck inside a follicle it leads to a blackhead/whitehead. When steam is applied the pores open up and the ‘plug’ of the blackhead softens, helping to melt the hardened sebum.

  • Prevents Sinus Problems

Steaming allows water to convert into a moisturising ‘mist’ that helps fight the harmful effects of dry air on the sinuses. The air becomes moist allowing the sinuses to inhale and exhale easier.

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