Moroccan Mint Tea Nuts Organic’s way!

How to prepare Moroccan mint tea Nuts Organic’s way!

Mint tea isn’t seen as just a drink in Morocco. It is a sign of hospitality, friendship and tradition. Tea is served at every occasion, after every meal and with every conversation between friends. Moroccan mint tea is gaining popularity worldwide due to its smooth and sweet taste.

Moroccan A Tay

Moroccan mint tea



1 tablespoon of loose gunpowder tea (or dried green tea leaves)

4 tablespoons (adjust to preferred taste) of sugar (Moroccans traditionally use sugar cubes)

1 large bunch of fresh Moroccan mint (all mint will suffice but Moroccan mint has a unique flavour)

Boiling water

Teapot and cups (traditionally stainless steel tea pot with glass teacups)



Pour about ¼ cup of boiling water into the teapot to warm it. Swirl the water around to make the temperature even. If possible use a Moroccan stainless steel teapot.

Add the loose gunpowder tea and just cover with boiling water to activate the tea leaves. Leave for around 30 seconds. Swirl the pot gently and pour the liquid away. Gunpowder tea can be quite ‘dusty’ so this simply ensures a clean smooth tea. Gunpowder tea is traditionally used for Moroccan mint tea. Loose green tea leaves can also be used.

Refill the teapot with boiling water. Add the bunch of mint and the sugar. Moroccan mint is best for this tea with its unique taste.

Leave the tea to brew for up to five minutes. If using a Moroccan teapot set the teapot over a low heat and bring the tea to a low simmer.

Pour one glass of tea. Pour this back into the teapot and repeat up to five times to ensure even distribution of the sugar.

To pour a glass of tea for a guest, pour from approximately 30cm above the cup. This helps to form a thin layer of ‘foam’ on top of the tea.

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