Moroccan Ghassoul Clay Powder with Rose Petals Powder

Nuts Organic’s Moroccan Ghassoul Clay Powder with Rose Petals Powder

Many an article has been written about the wonderful effects of using Moroccan ghassoul clay but why has Nuts Organic produced a clay that combines rose petals powder and exactly what benefit does the powder offer?

Nuts Organic's rhassoul clay

Moroccan ghassoul clay

What is Rose Petals Powder?

Rose petals powder is made using only the finest roses and contains a myriad of naturally occurring components that make it extremely beneficial to any skincare regime. Our rose petals powder is used in conjunction with our ghassoul clay creating a wonderful treatment for the hair, skin and face. Rose petals powder is suitable for all skin types including extra sensitive and mature skin.

Nuts Organic's rhassoul clay with rose

Moroccan ghassoul clay with rose

The rose flower is said to be the most beautiful flower on the planet. Mythology has it that the red rose originated in Persia where a nightingale loved the white rose so much that when it tightly held the rose its thorns pierced her breast spilling blood onto the delicate petals, dying the rose red.

There are many benefits to including rose petals powder in our ghassoul clay mask.

Cleanse & Tone

Roses are known to have an exotic scent but they can also naturally refresh skin. The petals contain antioxidants which fight free radicals and other skin irritants. Using our mix of ghassoul clay with rose petals powder regularly will give your skin a clean and bright glow.


Rose petals powder is suitable for all skin types and offers amazing skin moisturising properties for dry and sensitive skin. It helps to trap moisture into skin cells, helping to keep the skin hydrated and moisturised.


Rose petals are high in vitamin C and other antioxidants that help boost collagen production. This helps increase the strength of skin cells enabling blemishes and scars to heal faster.

Oily skin

Rose petals have a natural astringent effect on skin which leaves skin clean, soft and supple. When used with our ghassoul clay, the petals powder helps tighten skin, reduces the size of pores which in turn keeps the skin looking fresh and toned.


Rose petals powder has a very slight exfoliating texture which gently helps to remove dirt and grime. Exfoliation gently removes dead skin cells which can clog up the skin’s pores.

Relieves skin inflammation

Rose petals powder has anti-inflammatory properties which soothe skin inflammation, including acne. Applying this powder provides a soothing and cooling effect. Rose petals powder can help alleviate the itch that is common with acne, thereby removing the prospect of scarring.

Promotes glowing skin

Roses have been used in skincare products for millennia due to their therapeutic effects. They help combat stress, relax the body and promote glowing skin.

Nuts Organic’s ghassoul (rhassoul) clay

Nuts Organic’s ghassoul (rhassoul) clay is 100% pure, natural and mineral-rich. The benefits of using Moroccan Ghassoul Clay are numerous. Its high silica content makes it an ideal detoxifying cleanser, facial mask, make up remover and hair shampoo/conditioner. This lava clay powder can replace conventional soaps. Use it to reduce dryness and impurities, to improve skin elasticity & firmness, to help remove surface oil which, in turn, will help unblock pores thereby removing stubborn blackheads and whiteheads, to remove dead skin cells, to clean scalp and remove flakiness and to smooth and eliminate hair frizz giving hair natural protection and shine.

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