Organic face oil v Organic face cream

Going organic is all about using the best products nature offers.

The beauty of an organic face oil is that it is 100% organic with many facial oils comprising only one or two ingredients. Our argan oil is simply argan with nothing else added. It holds its natural organic aroma, colour and texture due to the production method. It is cold-pressed and triple filtered ensuring only the best quality organic argan oil is delivered to you.

How does an organic face oil differ from a moisturiser cream?

Nuts Organic's organic moisturiser cream

Nuts Organic’s Luxurious & Organic cream

Most moisturising creams are a blend of oil and water, mixed in two phases. The reason behind this is that some active ingredients are water-soluble and some are only fat-soluble. Formulators therefore use a mix of both to deliver a cream that can carry water and fat soluble ingredients in a form that is evenly dispersed throughout the cream.

As much as we love our range of face creams (and wouldn’t be without them), we equally love the simplicity of argan oil.

Our argan oil is presented in either a 50ml or a 100ml amber glass bottle with the choice of a dropper top or a pump top helping you dispense the perfect amount.

Nuts Organic's Moroccan argan oil

Nuts Organic’s organic face oil

We are in the process of introducing a larger range of facial oils to complement our argan oil which we hope will be complete by the summer.

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