We Always LOVE To Hear Great Customer Feedback

We always LOVE to hear customer feedback and have today received this from a first time customer. A lot of hard work goes into formulating a new skin care product and getting it to market so to receive such wonderful reviews makes all the hard work worthwhile!

We are passionate about organic skincare and Nuts Organic is more than just our work, it is our true passion.


Please always get in touch to discuss products, whether a product will be right for your skin, guidance on how to use or just for a general chit chat! Our telephone number is 01732 352 858 or email us at [email protected].

Nuts Organic's organic moisturiser cream

Nuts Organic’s Time Response Cream



Time Response Cream (SPF25)
5* (Sarah – age 38)  I will buy this forever!  The cream glides on and sinks in beautifully!  This cream perfectly shows off my pale ‘freckly’ skin with a clear, glowing complexion!  I always wear SPF all year round and the SPF25 gives me confidence my skin is well looked after.  This cream is, by far, superior to any of the Lancôme ‘premium’ creams I used to use before ‘my eyes were opened’ and I became vegan.  Thank you Eve and Nuts Organic for creating a beautiful vegan day cream with SPF – PERFECT for me!
Nuts Organic's organic body lotion

Nuts Organic’s Time response body lotion


Time Response Body Lotion
5*  (Sarah – age 38)  Another Nuts Organic product I’ll buy forever!  This has a lovely texture with no ‘drag’ whatsoever, but it just needs a little effort to work it into my fussy pale skin, however it’s well worth it!  I’m applying less frequently than before I found Nuts Organic – with MUCH better results!  My skin has long lasting, beautiful, smooth softness and it gives my body a youthful glow – I absolutely love it!



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