Goat poo (what a title!!)

Is Nuts Organic’s Argan Oil Vegan?

Over the past decade we have been asked many times whether our argan oil is vegan or whether it has been in contact with goats.

Nuts Organic's vegan argan oil

No goat poo in here!

Years and years ago it is true that goats were used in the production of this oil. The goats climbed the argan trees (it’s true!!) and chewed through the tough thorns protecting the trees. The fruits then dropped to the ground where the goats ate the fleshy outer fruit and through the magic of goat digestion, out would pop the super hard nut kernels. These nuts would be collected, cleaned, left to dry and then cracked to extract the argan oil.

Goats on argan tree

Goats climbing the argania spinosa tree

Nuts Organic is delighted to say that ALL our argan oil is produced using modern machinery with absolutely no goat poo in sight! The fruits are harvested by Government-appointed cooperatives, dried in the sun and then machinery is used to crack the nuts and extract the oil. This process allows our oil to be 100% vegan and organic.




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