Vitamin E as a preservative?

Is Vitamin E a natural preservative?

It drives me crazy when information provided to a customer simply isn’t true. This isn’t always done intentionally but because the business (or person) is not fully educated on the subject.

Nowadays everyone wants natural skincare, but skincare without a recognised preservative system comes at a price.

Vitamin E is NOT a preservative. It is a fat-soluble antioxidant. Using Vitamin E in a cosmetic product containing water will not prevent mould, yeast and bacteria from forming, therefore the product rapidly becomes dangerous to use even when refrigerated.

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Benefits of Vitamin E

Vitamin E has an array of beneficial qualities. Internally it supports cardiovascular health, healthy blood vessels, promotes circulatory & metabolic function, helps maintain a healthy immune system, plus many more. Naturally it is found in vast amounts of foods such as leafy greens, wheat germ oil and almonds.

Topically, Vitamin E is used to improve the appearance of scars, to promote wound healing, stretchmarks, wrinkles – the list goes on and on!

Always ensure that you are purchasing a product that contains a recognised preservative system. Our creams, for example, contain less than 1% preservative. Our creams have undergone thorough testing to ensure a full shelf life whilst keeping the ingredients as organic & natural as possible (around 95% natural and 85% organic (water cannot be classed as organic)).

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